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Food and Drink Federation Awards – where is sustainability in a mainstream awards ceremony?

Food and Drink Federation Awards  – where is sustainability in a mainstream awards ceremony?

DNV GL was in attendance at the FDF awards recently at The Brewery in London, and intrigued to discover what makes an award winner and whether sustainability was even on the menu.

We were pleased to observe a resounding YES with recognition of the sector’s contribution to innovation, community, education, as an employer and environment awareness. The Company Shop shared the community award for redistribution of surplus food at discounted prices to those living in areas of deprivation and experiencing in-work poverty. There was a focus on waste for the environmental leadership awards with competition between high profile companies like Asda, PepsiCo, and Premier Foods amongst others. It is good to see the industry recognizing the shameful message that over one third of food is wasted and their role in addressing this both from a technical solutions and behavioral change perspective. Climate change adaptation was also on the agenda for the environmental award.

The winner was Mondelēz International for its Cocoa Life Programme – which reassuringly looks across the agricultural supply chain rather than just a UK focus. This kind of recognition of the need for collaboration in the supply chain to manage the global impacts at a scalable level is critical for the food and drink sector to truly be deserving of sustainability awards.

Recent DNV GL research in the food and beverage sector:

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