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How much sustainability measurement should leadership demand?

How much sustainability measurement should leadership demand?

Not so long ago, some businesses made a name for themselves in the sustainability arena by setting ‘big hairy audacious’ improvement goals.

There are still some examples of game changing approaches out there, but most would probably agree that fewer businesses are now putting their heads above the parapet on sustainability.

This could reflect many things – the general economic climate, the recognition that making progress on some of the issues is actually quite difficult – or it may be that everything is becoming more integrated.

Measuring good management is the key to business success. So what is your approach? Do you put a number on sustainability or accept it as a general proxy of a good management? Do you ask for numbers on all areas of sustainability or target your demands more specifically?

Measure too much and the tail wags the dog. For senior managers getting this balance right is really challenging.

Join us at the Responsible Business Summit, where I will debate this topic with Mark Smith, CEO of The Southern Cooperative and Stuart Lowthian, Global Technical Director of Bacardi Limited.


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