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Will the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

Will the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?

Will the world achieve the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030? And what can business do to lead the charge? DNV GL set out to answer these two critical questions in its new forecast examining the future of our ‘Spaceship Earth’.

One year after the SDGs’ launch, businesses, governments, organizations and individuals everywhere have started to work towards the global goals. However, the Future of Spaceship Earth forecast shows that none of the goals will be met in all regions of the world. Likewise, no single region will achieve the necessary progress towards all the goals. The scale of the challenge is such that urgent, extraordinary action is now needed.

Business is uniquely positioned to drive this magnitude of action. The report highlights 17 global companies at the frontier of progress on the SDGs. These pioneers are driving sustainable change through innovations, partnerships and adjustment of business models. The Sustainable Development Goals have become a blueprint for companies to reshape and future-fit their business.

Download the report, see the main findings and how leading businesses are contributing to achieve the SDG’s at The Future of Spaceship Earth.


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