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Leaders’ views on Reporting and Sustainability in 2025

Leaders’ views on Reporting and Sustainability in 2025

GRI has released the second report in their Reporting 2025 Program*, showing that the next decade will require concrete action on the most important matters if we are going to create a more sustainable business environment and world.

Concrete action needed

The respondents all agree on one thing: the next decade will require concrete action from all organizations on what really matters if we are going to succeed in creating a more sustainable business environment globally. The current challenges are well known: Increasing world population, wealth inequality, climate change, conflicts, human rights violations and population migration will all shape the general context in which businesses operate and decision-makers act. There is also a strong belief among the leaders that these issues will intensify dramatically in the next decade.

According to the report, companies will be asked to engage publicly and concretely on specific topics, to use their operations and assets to help society tackle critical issues. Business leaders should set ambitious goals to tackle these issues, which require them to be better informed on the links between sustainability challenges and business performance and impacts.

“In DNV GL – Business Assurance, we work to support businesses’ in achieving sustainable business performance. We support customers with efforts that contribute to improving their performance to conduct business responsibly when it comes to economy/profitability, environment and SHE. Our customers show us every day that the findings in this report are aligned with reality. The only way to be successful in the future is to conduct business in sustainable manners,” says Antonio Astone, Global Sustainability Manager in DNV GL – Business Assurance.

*DNV GL – Business Assurance is a part of Corporate Leadership Group on Reporting 2025, contributing to GRI’s Reporting 2025 Program

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