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DNV GL joins the Social & Labor Convergence Project

DNV GL joins the Social & Labor Convergence Project

DNV GL has joined the Social & Labor Convergence Project (SLCP), and will be one of the signatories contributing to the development of an industry-wide, standard-agnostic assessment framework in the apparel and footwear sector.

The assessment framework is scheduled to be ready in 2018. The Project is to develop a descriptive tool and verification methodology and replace proprietary tools.

Developing an open, publicly available assessment methodology
There is a common understanding in the industry that a compliance based approach is necessary, and has been important for the improvements of the working conditions in the industry. However, there is magnitude of standards, codes and protocols that demands multiple audits, taking a lot of time and resources.

The Project seeks to develop a common framework for data collection that will reduce duplicated efforts, creating opportunities to invest resources previously designated for compliance audits into the improvement of social and labour conditions. Collecting common data allows business partners to measure continuous improvement and increases the opportunity for transparency.

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