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Mark Line

Mark Line

Business Development Officer, DNV GL – Business Assurance

I was lucky enough to be one of the first graduates of the MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College, London - which was a hot bed of innovation in the field of environmental management in the early 80s.

Based on that experience, I quickly found myself heading the strategy arm of an international environmental consultancy
After a spell as Marketing Director and running company operations in Asia, I left and cofounded csrnetwork, which became TwoTomorrows, and subsequently was bought by DNV GL.

Now I lead Business Development for Business Assurance, with a special focus on Sustainability. I still work with global companies on their sustainability strategies.

What I enjoy most is making change happen in large companies. The executive teams of global multinationals face huge challenges in their daily jobs and much of my work is about making the case for sustainability – and helping them to stay the pace. When it works, it is very rewarding.

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